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The influence of force-power parameters development on the evolution of spatial-temporal and technical characteristics of the swimming start


Adriana Şerban Târgoveţ 1, a * , Dragoş Ionescu-Bondoc 2,

 Keywords: swimming start track, propulsive force, track start analysis


 During swimming competitions starting from the block-start platform, a potential hypothesis was noticed, through an active multimodal process, which can make the swimming start efficient, especially in the case of sprint races, by improving the propulsive force parameters of the inferior limbs. The swimming start research from interdisciplinary perspective: biomechanical, kinematic, informational and statistical can consolidate and improve the specific technique in accordance with the abilities and psycho-motor qualities of the swimmers.

The present study is based on an experiment where the spatial-temporal and kinematic parameters were processed with the help of a Dartfish program. The evolution of parameters is researched as a result of a motor training program with the purpose to increase the propulsive force off the block-start. The improvement of spatial-temporal parameters influences the performance and evolution of technical parameters. Initial and final recordings were made on an MLD Station Evo5 and MLD software MuskelLeistungs Diagnose, fromSPSport, SPSportdiagnosegeräte, in order to evaluate the force, the power and the propulsive force. The argumentation of the experimental research is based on the statement: “the spatial characteristics of the motions and actions can be studied for themselves as parameters, characteristics or as a reference method for defining other characteristics, such as velocity or push-off force [1].

The main purpose of this study is to identify the influences of the specific start training upon the force improvement and kick power of the support foot from the block-start, during the classic track start. Given that the track start technique is the same as the one of the kick start executed from the international block-start of Omega, OSB11, developed in 2009, one assumes that the improvement of the classic track start leads by default to the improvement of the kick start. Lack of training to practice this type of start leads to deficient use during competitions, thus obtaining poor performances. There are no kick block-starts in Romania in order to train high performance athletes participating in international competitions and as a consequence, poor results are obtained at sprint races. One assumes that training for this type of start can be succesfully made only from a block-start similar to the kick one. The block-start model adapted by us under the same biomechanical conditions as the ones of the international kick start, is called “athletic kick”. The training specific to the kick start is carried out only with the optimum use of the kick block-start, the reasons for this being presented by N, Houel, A. Charliac, JL.Rey, Phellardin the paper: “How the swimmer could improve his track start using new Olympic plot” [2].

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